Friday, November 10, 2006

FUSEE Goes to the International Fire Congress

Fire Ecology and Management Congress

We’ve been busy getting ready for our activities at the Third International Fire Ecology and Management Congress the week of November 13-17, 2006 in San Diego. The Fire Congress, organized by the Association for Fire Ecology could be the largest gathering of fire experts in history. Over 625 papers and posters will be presented by representatives from 22 different countries from across 6 continents. Fire professionals from federal, state, and local fire agencies from all across the U.S.A. will be in attendance. The Fire Congress will be a virtual “Who’s Who” of fire ecology and management experts giving speeches, papers, and poster presentations.

FUSEE members will have an active presence during the Fire Congress. During Tuesday evening’s Poster Exhibition we will have a large wall display and literature table that will feature information on our philsophy, programs, and projects. To read the extended abstract for the display click here and to see a copy of the wall display click here. Come join us at our table at the Fire Congress, and meet some of the “torchbearers” in FUSEE!

Several members of our Board of Directors will be staffing the table throughout the week, networking with other fire people and recruiting new members and donations to FUSEE.

During Wednesday evening’s banquet ceremonies, one of FUSEE’s most active members, Jay Lininger, a Conservation Fellow at the University of Montana and a wildland firefighter with the National Park Service, will be honored as this year’s recipient of the Graduate Student of the Year Award from the Student Association for Fire Ecology.

Lastly, FUSEE’s Executive Director, Dr. Timothy Ingalsbee, will present a paper on Friday on the The Environmental Effects of the 2002 Biscuit Fire Suppression Actions .

The theme of the Fire Congress is very timely: the causes and consequences of global climate change. The renowned fire scholar, Dr. Stephen Pyne, who is a major inspiration for many FUSEE members, will give the final plenary speech. The Fire Congress will conclude Friday at noon with a major policy statement produced by AFE and co-signed by the conference attendees: the San Diego Declaration on Climate Change and Fire Management.

All members of the wildland fire community and other interested folks are encouraged to come participate in this historic event, but for those who cannot make it, check out future blogs and FUSEE’s website for highlights of the Fire Congress when we return from the event.


  • Its great that FUSEE is providing a blog for people interested in fire management to discuss the many issues facing the field.

    People can use this blog anonomously and I encourage people in government agencies and in universities to speak freely about areas that need change in fire.

    The Fire Congress in San Diego had many sessions about wildfire and global warming. Its safe to say this will be a huge topic for fire folks in the next few years as the world rightly becomes obsessed with this central issue.

    Its also clear the fire budgets will be a hot topic in the next year as the blank check may be challenged by people concerned about the bankruptcy our nation faces following the botched war in Iraq and its huge drain on our economy.

    Did you go to the San Diego conference? What did you hear?

    By Blogger Tom Ribe, at 9:28 AM  

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